Morning Routines – Tackling that Massive To-Do List & Getting a Great Start

Being stressed and overwhelmed is a hallmark of pride in our culture. Being pushed to the edge and constantly busy signifies importance and success.

As mothers, students, employees, and family members, this is all normal and we must keep up in our life’s rhythms.

How can we tackle that mountainous to-do list?

Better yet, how can we make mornings better so that we CAN tackle that nasty thing?

1. Use a planner, day-timer, or a whiteboard to see your day spread out first.

You can also write out your to do list with an hour by hour block schedule on paper to plug in which tasks belong where.

Prioritize the most immediate issues first. Such as bills due, balancing the checkbook, buying food, and assignments due etc.

2. Wake up in a correct headspace.

When my alarm wakes up I pull up my daily devotional on my phone. My favorites are the Love God Greatly app or the First 5 app. They’re great short devotional with study tools! No matter how tired I am I make this and morning prayers a priority and don’t beat myself up if I fall back asleep after. I try to be gentle with myself in the morning since that’s often when I feel the worst. If baby C sleeps in, that’s extra time for me to get me more energy to get through my tasks. Find what makes you tick, if it’s waking up with Jesus or doing yoga, and do the dang thing.

3. I don’t push myself into exercising right away.

Some people like to jump right in and that’s great! If that’s not you, don’t feel forced! If you dread mornings that will hit hard on your overall productivity which won’t help anyone. Do something small physically, whether it’s a full workout, or a few stretches/poses, to get the blood flow going.

4. Fuel carefully!

Food matters in the morning. With the keto fiends and the cereal geeks out there it’s hard to find a happy medium – especially if you’re like me and don’t want to cook! It’s a constant struggle to remind myself to take part in the smaller acts of self care like this.

  • If you have health problems or deficiencies you need to fix, fuel up according to what your doctor recommends. For those with hypothyroidism this may mean more eggs and carefully selected fruits with supplements. For others, it may mean a green smoothie and gluten free toast. I never will ever recommend keto diet or any other extreme diet, as it can throw your body completely off (article coming soon on why this is a potentially harmful way of eating!)

My favorite is two eggs to aid in my thyroid issues and a piece of gluten free toast with sunflower seed butter. Way less inflammatory than peanut butter toast but still tasty!

5. One bite at a time.

I work multiple jobs, am currently a college student, and am a full time mom. I am learning actively to multitask crazy things with one hand and half a brain, with the baby on my hip or on the mat!

Mornings with a baby will never, ever look like those carefully crafted Youtube *Morning Routine/Get Ready With Me* videos. And I’ve come to bring my type-A self to accept that! Even if it doesn’t look beautiful and you only get one thing done – high five!

6. Grace upon grace upon grace

Always remember that it’s OKAY to not have gotten every single thing done. Nothing is beyond repair. There is always tomorrow. The best is all we can give and we must rest or else we will have nothing left to give. Give yourself some forgiveness! That’s a hard one I’m still trying to remember, haha.

What are some of your favorite ways to get things done? Do you have a favorite part of your morning?



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